Kasper gained 20 years of experience in the FMCG and Retail sector, holding various executive positions.
Coca-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Seiko Epson, Foxtrot and Uhrenholt are some of the companies that Kasper worked with.

Kasper has been with KPMG in Russia since 2014, where he established and leads the Strategy & Operations Advisory, in addition he founded the Consumer Markets practice for Russia & CIS, where he is sharing his insights, while honing his skills and obtaining new competences.

He has vast experience in general management, operations management, commercial and operational performance improvement, strategic planning, organizational restructuring, turnarounds, due diligence, new market entry, M&A, IPO preparation, cost optimization and more.
Although strategic and commercial disciplines are the closest to his heart, Kasper has honed his multifaceted competences across all core functional disciplines in Consumer Goods & Retail industry. Below you can find an excerpt hereof:

  • M&A and other business transaction services
    M&A and other business transactions
    Commercial & Operational due diligence
    Mergers & Acquisition
  • Strategy
    Growth & Growth & Customer strategies
    Customer Centricity
    Pricing strategy
    Brand strategy
    Digital strategy
    Identify and develop business models
    Market entry strategy for internationals
  • Financial & Legal
    Financial & Legal
    Dept to equity
    Distressed asset management
    Working capital optimisation
    Tax optimisation
  • Marketing
    Marketing Audit
    Category Management
    Design & Image
    Return on Marketing
    Private Label development
  • Operational Efficiency
    Operational Efficiency
    Operational turn-around
    Go2Market optimisation
    Route2Market optimisation
    Purchasing /logistics optimisation
    Distribution redesign
  • Human Capital
    Human Capital
    Search & Select
    Management Assessment
    Overhead optimisation
    Redesign of organisational structures
    Outsourcing Payroll
    Balanced Score Card

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