Lead Nordic is the leverage to your business, created by dedicating the key people for your business’ specific challenge, without creation of excessive overhead expenses. It is that very umbrella of independent specialists that creates the agility in meeting your business’ exact needs.

Bringing the key people together, requires the right project management. In addition to the key services provided by Lead Nordic, your business will also benefit from having Lead Nordic pulling all the strings and creating the needed foundation for a successful project. All projects are personally led by the founder Kasper Ditlevsen, who has close to 6 years of first hand experience from living full time privately, as professionally in first 5 years in Kyiv, Ukraine and now in Moscow, Russia.

Strategy without action is only a daydream, but action without strategy is a nightmare. Lead Nordic’s approach is a very hands on approach, supported by academic & practical experience, familiar with all the buzz words, but speaking your business language and understanding the importance of execution & implementation.


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