This site hones your expertise of the Consumer Goods & Retail industry.

Even if you’ve been successful in business for years, times are changing. Fast. If you don’t learn how to do business ‘the new way’, then you’re going to be left behind. Business models are being challenged more than ever, technology helps disrupting decades of well established industries, including maybe the biggest of all industries – Consumer Goods & Retail.

This is the personal blog of Kasper Ditlevsen, a melting pot of information to get you kitted-out with all the news, insights and tactics you need to be able to be a industry specialist, leader and run a business in the Consumer Goods & Retail industry.

Hundreds of posts, plenty of articles with successful stories mean you will be ready to take on the world with an state of the art mentality faster than you ever imagined!

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Why Lead Nordic?

Lead Nordic is founded by Kasper Ditlevsen, a citizen of Denmark. Coming from a small nation and a fast developing professional experience, Kasper Ditlevsen was soon to seek abroad like his ancestors had done for centuries. The challenges took him to neighbouring countries in the Nordic region, then to the United Kingdom, only then to head East, where he first founded Lead Nordic in Kyiv, Ukraine, later in Moscow in Russia, creating a competence & knowledge center of Consumer Goods & Retail industry globally, with emphasis of emerging markets in Eurasia.

Consider these global giant brands: Absolut Vodka, Ericsson, Ikea, Lego, Nokia, Carlsberg, Lurpak. They all originate from the same Nordic countries housing less than 25 million people. Having said that, the Nordic’s influence on the world of brands is just as impressive as the much bigger regions of the globe.It all points back to the era of the vikings as the admittedly barbaric forerunners of contemporary vikings:

“The viking is more soft spoken, but alive and well. without any army to speak of, they still invade with a better idea and a new approach to marketing, advertising, culture and corporate culture.”

Leading the Nordic way is at the core of Kasper’s belief and values. In the past 20+ years Kasper honed his skills, competences and deep insights to the Consumer Goods & Retail industry, learning from some of the greatest brands on earth, only later to help second tier to apply the best practices. Having lived and worked in 7 different countries, communication proficiency in 6 different languages, Kasper is sharing the Nordic way of leading across brand-, marketing-, sales- and general management disciplines.

Kasper graduated and educated himself from various business schools in Denmark and as of latest he attended the Executive Masters of Business Administration program at Henley Business School in London, UK.
Contemplated various sales-, field and marketing-management courses at train-the-trainer levels.
Kasper holds several supervisory board positions internationally.

Kasper has been with KPMG in Russia since 2014, where he established the Strategy & Operations Advisory and in addition founded the Consumer Markets practice for Russia & CIS. Prior to KPMG Russia, Kasper gained 20 years of experience in the FMCG and Retail sector, holding various executive positions.
Coca-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Seiko Epson, Foxtrot and Uhrenholt are some of the companies that Kasper worked with.Throughout his career, he managed a number of global strategic accounts, including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Shake Shack and others. Acquisition and successful execution of the Winter Olympic in Sochi, becoming Official Partner is one of the later achievements.
The segments Kasper worked with includes beverages, food (meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, spices, pasta, various dry goods, ready-meals and many more), as well as non-food from consumer electronics, home appliances, packaging, as well as software solutions supporting the industry.
Kasper’s experience internationally incorporates living and working in 7 different countries, whereof the latest 8 years has been in the CIS countries, based out of respectively Moscow and Kiev

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