4.5% increase in Russian retail market in November 2013

In November 2013 the real annual increase in retail sales turnover in Russia rose to 4.5% from the October figure of
3.6%, according to the Russian State Statistics Service. For comparison, in November 2012 there
was a 5% increase. In terms of value, the Russian retail market was thought to be worth RUB 2,013bn (€45bn) in
November, a 10.6% year-on-year increase.
The proportion accounted for by food products, including beverages and tobacco, was 47.1%, and that accounted for
by non-food goods – 52.9%, as opposed to 46.5% and 53.5% at the corresponding period in 2012.
In addition, the cumulative data for the first 11 months of the year showed that retail sales turnover in Russia
increased by 3.9% year on year in real terms, in comparison with 6.5% at the corresponding point of last year. The
market was estimated by Rosstat to be worth RUB 21,149bn (€472.7bn) – a 10.7% year-on-year increase.

Source: Retail Russia

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